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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Outdoor Living Space

Living in South Florida we are fortunate to have warm weather almost 12 months of the year.   We can comfortably live outdoors for most of the 12 months.  I am looking forward to remodeling our new outdoor space. This is what it looks like now:

We have thousands of tadpoles in the pool right now.  Someone or some people have been in the house.  They left the front door unlocked.  The living room doors were left wide open, as well as the doors to the bedroom downstairs.  Paint was splattered all over the Chicago brick on the pool deck.  Glass has been shattered on the pool deck and inside the house.  Additional items have been taken from the property.  The doors of the bedroom downstairs have been kicked in, so even if the doors are closed, the bottom of each door has a huge opening and therefore the house is subjected to rain damage and animal and human intruders.  Some items like chairs and things that were stored in the garage are thrown all over the pool deck.     It's sad to see the property deteriorating and being vandalized while we stand around and wait for the sale to be finalized.  Meanwhile, I am very busy planning what we will do when the house is ours.
Future posts will include photos of some great ideas I've seen...I can't wait.

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