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Saturday, March 26, 2011


  Exterior tour of the home:  This is a beautiful view of the front of the house.  The stairs are behind the largest window.  The balcony above the photographer is one of the bedrooms and the balcony facing the photographer is the study.  Below the study is the dining room window.  The window closest to the photographer is a family room/tv room. 
The photo below is the back of the house.  The area on the first floor with the french doors side-by-side is the living room. The next single french door to your right, at an angle, is the kitchen.  The solid white door holds a sauna, I assume will be used for storage.  The door peeking behind the column is the cabana bathroom and finally to the left of that is a doorway that leads to a bedroom. 
The french doors on the second floor lead to the Master bedroom. 
The reason for these exterior photos is not the tour, its about the COLOR.  I just thought you'd be wondering where everything was, while looking at the photos.

The existing color makes me crazy...I wish I could paint it today.  I've been thinking about the color scheme quite a bit...
Hopefully the roof is in good condition and we don't have to spend money to replace it.  If we keep the existing roof,  I am leaning towards a brown trim under the roof and below the balcony and a light beige/sand color for the walls. 
I haven't decided the color for the doors and windows.  I can't decide whether to get them in the same white or change them to a dark color.
Any suggestion?

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