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Thursday, March 31, 2011


These are some of the looks I liked today as I drove around looking for gates and driveways...

Although I normally prefer simple and uncluttered looks, I am attracted to several elements in this design.  I appreciate the curved iron/aluminum work.  However, I would prefer a more simplistic design on the upper portion.  I like the posts and the ivy covering the concrete.  I would eliminate the lamps on all the posts.  If lamps are needed, I'd use them on the 2 posts on both sides of the gate.

I like the simple lines in this design, but it needs something else.  Unless this is significantly less expensive,
I would add posts and possibly a concrete base. 

This is what I thought I was looking for, but I've changed my mind.  The concrete base is too large.  I prefer a much smaller concrete area preferably no more than 1ft high.  I love the posts and the design of the aluminum portion.

I think this is exactly what I want.

This look is similar to the one above.  The difference is this fence has a scroll design and the other has none.  I prefer the more simple design.

I like this design but with a small concrete base.  I also love the bougainvillea.  In addition to providing bursts of color, the plant offers security in the form of thorns to deter intruders.

This is the big winner!!!
This is the one I like the most right now.  The base of the wall is the correct height.  The columns are just the right size and look. I love that the 2 fences on both sides of the gate curve back to render a more stately entrance.
Nonetheless,I would like to see more flowers on the inside of the fence.

Now, I need price quotes to help with the decision-making process.  I am leaning towards the fence in the last photo but its not a final decision yet.

Suggestions?  Comments?

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