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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let There Be Light

Bright, airy houses appear sharp and pleasing.  There's nothing more appealing to me in a home than plenty of light.

 I love to include many glass doors and windows to add energy and brightness to a home.  (Of course they must all be energy-efficient.)

This half-wall pictured detracts from the vividness  I  long for.  The wood paneling is also detremental to that goal.

I have "light and clear" plans for this wall.  My goal is to replace it with a clear glass all the same height as the one pictured.  The glass wall must be strong enough to withstand my children wrestling near it and banging into it as they walk through this narrow hallway.  The wood paneling will be removed completely and replaced by paint or textured wallpaper.

View of wall and ceiling from living room below

Post your suggestions for possible solutions or beautiful, clear, glass walls to replace this one...

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