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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Driveway

My children and I have a new hobby...we look at gates and front yards every time we drive through residential neighborhoods.  Well, maybe its not a new hobby...and maybe I force them to give me their opinions...but, I am obsessed with gates and driveways now...these are some looks I am considering for driveways (tomorrow I'll discuss gates):

*picture from Tremron Group catalog

One possibility is a large 24" x 24" travertine paver in a Noce finish with Mondo Grass in between.  Similar to the picture above but with larger pavers and a smaller seperation between pavers.  I also like this for the backyard, and I don't want the same thing in both areas, so I have to decide where I would like it best.

*picture from Tremron Group catalog

The following photos were found on http://www.concretenetwork.com/
The pictures are from projects from different contractors thoughout the U.S.

This is the same idea as above, but made from concrete rather than Travertine stone. 
The slabs are larger and  impressive.

The concrete pictured is scored to look like tiles.  Although I would not use this color
 concrete with the colors I want for the house, the tile look is a possibility for the walkway.

I can use a variation of this look.  We currently have a concrete driveway. We could add a brick or concrete border in a contrasting color and use the existing slab. 
We could add another slab or bricks in the center where the new driveway meets the old.

The look is a possibility.  The color would go well with the color scheme and I could use the existing concrete.
We could just expand whats there and make it slightly larger.

This look is interesting for the walkway.

Similar to what I mentioned a few pictures ago, where I'd use the existing concrete driveway, stain it and add a contrasting border and possibly center dividing section.  I wouldn't score the concrete like in this picture,
 I'd leave a large solid area.
The solid, plain, stained concrete would work well also.

Another variation of the stained contract with a border in the same color.
The border is differentiated  by scoring the concrete. 

This color would be a good complement to the colors I like for the house.
I also like the simple lines and muted appearance of the driveway. 

The property will have many fascinating, decorative features.  I think we can get away with a more simple, inexpensive driveway.
Of course, this is yet to be seen.  As we continue our search for the products to make our house our dream home, I'm sure we will change our minds a few times. 

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