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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Balcony with a View

Call me spoiled, but I don't think this is a captivating view!
As you'll notice in the photograph this roof is the first thing you see as you look out from the balcony.   The structure below this hideous roof is the existing garage.  The wall pictured is the standard-sized  master bedroom. 

As a solution to the problem of the ugly roof, I am considering expanding the bedroom over the existing garage.  However, there is a slight glitch in the plan.  In the photograph you see that the roof over the existing bedroom has two levels.  The area with the lower level is where the two room would meet, and unless I want to crawl from one room to the other, I will probably have to raise the existing roof.

The new addition would serve as a sitting room for the master bedroom. I considered adding another balcony at the end of the room, but decided against it in light of the fact that there's already a huge unnecessary balcony just steps away.  In lieu of the balcony, we'll add large window on 3 walls of the addition.
Another view of the undesirable roof
The addition would be built over this existing garage.


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