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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Outdoor Living Part 3...continued

As I mentioned on my last post, I will be posting some beautiful photographs of outside kitchens and dining rooms.  I don't necessarily want the exact rooms pictured, but some of the features.  I will point out the elements I'd like to incorporate in the design.

I've tried to create a floor plan using several programs to no avail.  I think my threats of showing you my drawings will have to become reality.  As embarrassed as I am to show these, I don't think there's another way.  I can't figure out how to manipulate the floor plan programs. 

So here are some of the pictures I like:
I love this outdoor room for its simplicity. 
 I like the size and style of the fireplace, however,
I would prefer it in a different finish. 

This is a simple fireplace also but with a lot of character. 

I like the wall behind the fireplace or mantle set back. 
It brings more dimension to the room.

I love this!  It's nothing like what I want for the end result,
 but I just love how it looks.

I like the pergola.  This is exactly what I had in mind for part of the area. 
I want areas that are protected from the elements yet still have sunlight. 
I was considering pergolas with glass or Plexiglas for that effect.

I like the idea of this fireplace although I do not like the brick. 
The fireplace I would like to build will have a smooth surface.  I also like the flooring material.

This is also a look I've been contemplating. 
In addition to the tile with the grass in between (which I featured before). 
I like the feeling of the pool surrounded by the living areas.  The living areas are exposed and unexposed to the elements, it varies, which is what I would like to accomplish as well.

Again, I like the proximity of the outdoor living area to the pool.

This pergola is definitely my style.  It seems contemporary
 yet also traditional.  I love the vines!

The yard in my casa has many tropical trees and
flowers just like in this photograph.


I like the symmetry in this design. 

This room feels cozy and warm.  I would prefer a solid flooring material
rather than a pattern on the floor.  I like the arches in the photograph, but not for me.

The style of the fireplace is nice.  I think I still prefer the more simple
 designs shown earlier in this post.  I like the beams on the ceiling.

The doors in this photograph are beautiful in my opinion.
I also chose this photograph because I like the pitch of the roof.

I like many features in this photo.  I like the color of the windows. 
I love the pergola and the vines climbing up. 

                                                        I like the daybed off in the distance.

Again, I just love the simple lines of this

My son saw this and asked if we could do this because "it's so nice" but then realized it wouldn't be any fun to play in a pool with all the cement everywhere.  I agree with him.  I think this is beautiful!

I would like to incorporate bench seating in the outdoor kitchen area.
I'd probably just have it made from the concrete, like in this photograph.  The only change is the seats probably wouldn't have a back, just the bottom.

I've posted this photograph before.  It's from HGTV's
 Jamie Durie's own home.  I like the bench seating in the dining
area and the pergola with a roof deck.

This another Jamie Durie room. 
 I love that about 30 people could sit here
comfortably and have a wonderful evening.
The choice of fabrics, colors and tableware are right on.
This dining area looks fabulous in my book! 

Although I have many, many, many more photographs. 
I will stop for today and leave you guessing...

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