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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Outdoor Living Part 3

Last night we went to dinner at a friend's house and they have a tepanyaki grill. The meal was delicious, we all enjoyed and participated in the preparation of the meal and it was definitely a conversation piece.  My husband has always said he wants one at the house, but last night I was convinced.  I think it would be a wonderful, practical addition to our outdoor kitchen.  He also wants a wood-burning oven...we may be able to open a restaurant in our backyard...

Seriously, we love to entertain, I think these ovens and grills would be great and a lot of fun! 

I look forward to taking cooking lessons and having many parties in our new outdoor kitchen.  I found some pictures of beautiful outdoor kitchens for your enjoyment.  I will be posting them over the next few days...but for now...

I found a website for a company that does outdoor kitchens in Florida, they have some nice photographs.  I will surely call them for estimates when the time is right.  Meanwhile these are some of the services they offer:

"Outdoor Living of South Florida is your single source for all outdoor design, equipment and construction needs. We are 100% custom and build incredible outdoor kitchens, cooling pergolas, eco friendly fireplaces, pizza ovens, churrasco grills and outdoor structures that look as if they have been part of your home for years.

As licensed and insured residential contractors we also take care of your electrical, plumbing, pavers and anything else that is required to complete your outdoor living area. With over 400 completed projects in Florida, and are unsurpassed in experience, professionalism and service. We take pride in reducing waste and using eco friendly construction methods and products." Seems interesting, no?

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