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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adventurous Backyard

Although my children are aware that this purchase is still a "maybe" because it has to be approved by the seller's lender, they love to talk about the new casa and everything they want in it. 
We asked them what they would want in the new house if they could have anything...
it didn't take long for them to answer. Some of the ideas they have are okay and doable while others are just plain wacky.

They would like a treehouse, a firepole to slide down from the second floor to the first floor, a zip line, a bowling alley, a basketball court, a movie theater and a bathroom for each.

It shouldn't be very  hard to fulfill most of these wishes, however, we will not.  The basketball court can be done, because there is an existing tennis court which can easily serve a dual purpose.  The movie theater should be easy enough...however, it won't be high tech.  The zip line could probably be added somewhere, although I have to research how safe they are.  The bowling alley is a definite no.  The rest, we'll see what we can do. 

Here are some things they'd like:

They would love a zip line.  There are many "zip lines" and kits to make zip lines for sale on the web.  This is an inexpensive Fun Ride Deluxe Classic Zip Line.  It is sold on various websites and has positive reviews.  You can also purchase it below.

They are also eager to have a tree house, I found some original designs on google images.  I don't know whose photographs they are, so I can't give credit to the photographer.
We have narrowed it down.  They would like a tree house with a covered area and an open area. 
I would love to build a treehouse.  This is a house that yearns to have a treehouse.  With the lush landscaping and beautiful trees, a treehouse would be a perfect addition.

 They want multiple ways of getting up and down, and they want it to be a lot of fun.

While visiting friends in Connecticut two years ago, we had dinner in their treehouse and I've wanted one ever since.  Our friend built it himself with help from his retired father.

Be sure to post your comments on suggestions for tree houses or other adventurous backyard activities for children and/or families.

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