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Monday, September 5, 2011


As I've mentioned before I love HGTV and my family loves HGTV.  I would love to be HGTV'd by Jamie Durie and have applied for our new casa to be on the show.  The space I feel has the most potential in the new casa is the outdoor area.  You've seen in previous posts, that I am planning to add an outdoor kitchen and outdoor living area.  I would love for Jamie Durie to help me do this!!!

The yard is in a scary state right now.  The trees are overgrown and it's just a huge mess.
Please follow this link and look at the pictures of the current state of the yard and also vote for:
 " Our Big, Bad Mess " on HGTV.com:

Please go to the HGTV site with this link and vote to have our space HGTV'd.
Thank You!!!!!

Rate My Space: Outdoor

I've recently posted more photographs on the HGTV website.  Please click on this link to "patio with a bed" on HGTV.com and rate the outdoor space in our current casa:

I'm very excited about the feedback I have received on the site.  Visit and leave your comments and please Rate My Space!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Casa's Kitchen on Rate My Space

HGTV is my favorite network.  The entire family  is hooked.  WE watch just about everything on the network but we do have our favorites.  We love to watch Jamie Durie, Sarah Richardson (all her shows), Bang for your Buck, House Hunters on Vacation, House Hunters International, HGTV'd and Design Star.

My twelve year-old son is encouraging me to try out for Design Star so I can have my own show.    I would love to, but I couldn't live for so long without my family.  Therefore, for now, I will not attempt it.

I did find another way of showing the world my design skills, or lack there of.  This blog is one, and  yesterday I posted photos of the kitchen of "my current casa" on HGTV's Rate My Space.  I'm curious to know how my space will do.

The kitchen was not staged for the photographs.  I wish I would have put away some of the small appliances and accessories.  Also, I used my cell phone camera because my "real camera" was sent away  for repairs.  The pictures are dark and not great quality.  You can still get the idea and see the components of the room.

I'd love for you to check out Our Casa's Kitchen on HGTV's Rate My Space and rate it.

Post your comments and let me know what you think.

I wish you a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.

Friday, September 2, 2011


As soon as we receive the letter stating that the lender has agreed to our purchase offer, we will start doing the inspections at the property.  We will start with the mold inspection ($750.00), because it concerns me most.  I have young children and want to be sure the home is free of mold.  We should be having that inspection very soon. 

Depending on the outcome we will decide whether or not to continue with the purchase.  If we decide to continue, we plan to get estimates from pool companies, a/c companies, electricians, window companies, contractors, etc.  We want to have a very clear and accurate picture of exaclty what expenses to expect.
I would also like FPL to provide an energy efficiency analysis.

I will be extremely busy the next few weeks so please forgive me if I don't post for a few days.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I've been "window shopping" online and actually have gone to a couple of stores in person.  I am extremely anxious to start this process.  We still don't have the written approval from the lender, although we were told it was approved, we haven't received the letter...  Surprising right?????  

In order to sort through my anxiety and depression over the whole thing, I turn to retail therapy on a regular basis.  This always helps me.   I can't really purchase anything because I have nowhere to keep everything, however, I take notes, pictures and have many files with ideas for what I want for the new casa.

I went to look at  furniture  recently.  I used to own a furniture store.  I love furniture and decorating.  Although having a store was not much fun, I sometimes toy with the idea of doing it again.  The style of the things in my store was very similar to the style we currently have in a store here in Miami.  I went to see  what they have to offer.  Of course, I loved everything I saw.  They have beautiful pieces and the prices are very reasonable.

I will not buy a lot of new furniture because most of my furniture is less than 5 years old and in perfect condition.  However, I am planning to buy furntiure for the new family room, my son's room and the outdoor room(s).

Here are some of my favorites: