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Monday, September 5, 2011


As I've mentioned before I love HGTV and my family loves HGTV.  I would love to be HGTV'd by Jamie Durie and have applied for our new casa to be on the show.  The space I feel has the most potential in the new casa is the outdoor area.  You've seen in previous posts, that I am planning to add an outdoor kitchen and outdoor living area.  I would love for Jamie Durie to help me do this!!!

The yard is in a scary state right now.  The trees are overgrown and it's just a huge mess.
Please follow this link and look at the pictures of the current state of the yard and also vote for:
 " Our Big, Bad Mess " on HGTV.com:

Please go to the HGTV site with this link and vote to have our space HGTV'd.
Thank You!!!!!

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