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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Vision

As I look through the pictures of my dream house on the sea, I can't help but think about the many times I've been out with clients, as a realtor, and have been horrified when they turn down beautiful homes because they were in need of repair.
Many people lack the vision to see something outdated, messy and unappealing and envision what it could be...it's potential.
Thankfully, I normally have the vision.  I actually prefer the dilapidated homes to the ones that have been renovated.  I have very distinct taste and I don't necessarily like what everyone likes. 
I like to try new things and don't usually go along with what everyone is doing.

When I see homes that are remodeled and updated I cringe...they are usually much more expensive and I would change most of the things the previous owners have done anyway.  For me, the perfect properties are the ones with good bones, especially the land, view or size. 
If it has all three, I hit the jackpot!

Below are pictures of the house we recently purchased.  Many prospective owners
passed it up because of it's condition...lucky me!  My family and I will get to enjoy
it for many years because it wasn't in perfect condition and
others couldn't see beyond that.
These pictures were taken the day of the home inspection before we bought it,
so the pictures are of the home exactly as we saw it the first time.

Funny how I don't remember seeing many of the items I notice in the photographs now. 
I was so in love with the property and the view that I missed all the ugly stuff.  I focused on the
diamond in the rough!