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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sneak Peak at Preliminary Floorplans

Ever since I went to the house, I've been fiddling with the floor plan. I spent all day Saturday looking at inspirational photographs and drawing and re-drawing the plans.

My drawings aren't very clear and they are messy because I wrote notes all over the place.  Hopefully you'll be able to understand what I'd like to do.
The first image shows the plan of the entire property.  The red and/or brown lines represent new construction or additions to the existing building.

The image below is my interpretation of ideas I have for transforming the outdoor living area.  The area closest to the bottom of the page is where the existing garage is today.  I hope to remodel that area and make that a family room with doors that open completely to the outdoors on two walls (one that faces the pool and the other that faces the new outdoor area).

The entire area would be covered with a permanent roof structure.  They will have partial walls to the west side of the property.
The first area when you step out of the family room would be the outdoor lounging room.  This area would have a fireplace, a large television set and plenty of comfy couches.  I would like to add benches throughout the two areas for storage and seating.  In the area between the living area and the dining area I would like to create a double bench 4ft wide by 7 ft long.  I would like an opening in the center and an exact duplicate bench right across.  The double bench would be big enough to accommodate a twin mattress and plenty of cushions for hanging out. 

The dining area which extends at an angle towards the northwest corner of the property would have the outdoor kitchen and a large dining table.  In addition, I would add a long storage bench along the perimeter of the space that extends out on a diagonal.  We'll move some of the existing palms into the angle just between the bench and the daybed.

The pool deck will be extended on the northeast side. The pool will be enlarged to eliminate the large amount of corners.  By enlarging both, we would ensure plenty of space in the pool and on the deck.  Just beyond the pool deck I plan to add two daybeds (with queen-size mattresses) and a water feature with a basin in between.  Sleek and contemporary-looking grasses and or papyrus plants will be incorporated in the design.

I would love to have different levels and to be able to incorporate steps and dimensions throughout the site.  However, I am leaning towards not doing it.  I want everyone to be able to get around the area comfortable and without fear of falling.  I haven't made a final decision regarding the "levels" yet, and I don't even know if it would be a possibility until I speak to the architect.  We'll see what happens...

These are some of the ideas I'm thinking about:

I like this look for the water feature and basin between the daybeds. 
The grasses would have to be behind the wall and the wall should be
attached to the basin so the water flows into it.
This was the original idea I liked from an episode of Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie.
 I have since changed my mind. 
I would like a smaller wall and basin (probable half the size of this one.  I probably won't put furniture in it,
but would like the option in case, one day we decide to do it for fun.

Not as small as this one:

I like the size of the water feature below, but I like the fountain of the one above.

These are the daybeds I'd like to add to each side of the water feature. 
I like the daybed below but instead of two small cushions I will
have one large mattress on each.


These are example of what we would like for the fireplace in the outdoor living area.  We like the TV directly over the fireplace.  I don't necessarily want this style of fireplace, however I like the structure.  I like that is is centered in the area and has open areas on either side, to promote a breezy, comfortable sitting area.

I like the fireplace below because it sits in the center of the "wall" like the previous fireplace. 
My favorite thing about it is the ledge that extends below it.  It can be used to place things or for sitting.  I like the look and it serves a dual purpose. I think a combination of both of these designs would be perfect for our space.  The height and width of the structure pictured in the first photograph and the ledge and contemporary finish (without brick detail) of the second fireplace.

I can't wait to sit in our outdoor living room during our very cold Florida winter (ha! ha!).  We might not have horrible winters, but the evenings do get a little chilly during those months and it would be the only time to enjoy a fire in Miami.  We could also use it to roast marshmallows, so it won't go to waste.   Its all good!

Below are examples of the benches I like.  They also serve dual purposes for sitting and storage.

 Below is the double-wide bench I would like to install between the living area and the dining area.

I even take photos of the TV screen when it is paused so I don't forget ideas I like.

I included this last image because it is similar to what I imagine the property will be like when everything is finished.  The building is close to the pool as in my casa.  I think our outdoor living area will be as large as the one in the picture. 

What are your thoughts on this project?  Would you change anything?  Would you add anything?  It's not too late...I'd love to hear any suggestions and ideas!  Let me know...

*Images from Google Images, HGTV shows, HGTV.com, traditionalhome.com

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