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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Daughter's Room

I have been ashamed of my daughter's furniture and room for a while.  Last year for her birthday we fixed it a little, changed the bedding and curtains and she wanted hot pink lamps so we got them.  Actually, she chose all the new accessories in her room.

Since it was not possible to start decorating the room in the new house yet, I decided to work on her current room as a birthday gift for her.  I tossed around the idea of buying new furniture for her right away, but decided against it.

These are the pieces she had or has in her room:

Her dresser, which never matched the rest of the white pieces in the room. 
It was more of an antique white.

Her dollhouse bookcase.  I'm not sure that we will definitely keep this, but for now it's there.

Her chifforobe.  We bought this when she was born for her first bedroom.
I love this piece.  We had taken it out of her room for about 3 years.

My nightstand when we first got married.

The armoire in our first bedroom as a married couple, 17 years ago.
I love this piece, but didn't like the finish for her room.  Although I didn't like how it looked I
kept it in her room for 3 years, while debating what to do.
I finally decided to paint it white.

I did not like the fact that all the white pieces were noticeably different
shades of white.

We purchased a paint with primer at Home Depot that worked fabulously.  I am extremely pleased
with the ease of applying the paint and the end result.

I will not keep all of these pieces in her room at the new casa.  I have them together
here because I don't have any other place to keep them in the mean time.

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