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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ideas for the New Entrance

In the photo above, the area where the branches of the plants almost touch each other is where I'd like to build the new entrance to the house.  The current entrance is tucked away around the side of the house. 
The only way you can find it is by following the walkway.  The door is not visible from the driveway at all.

The site plan for the property is pictures above.

This view of the site plan offers a close-up of the front of the house.

The beautiful interpretation of the design, rendered by moi, is what I'd like
the entrance to look like. 


This area pictured above is where I'd like the new entry built. 

This would be the view from just inside the new front door, looking out through the new windows.  Obviously, the view would be much more beautiful once the landscaping has been cleaned and groomed.

This is the current entrance.  It's not very impressive.

If we build a hallway with windows that extends 10-12 ft. out,
and has windows on both sides with a gorgeous view of the tropical
landscape as soon as you walk in, I think it would be striking!!!

A contractor friend said we could probably knock out the entire box
that surrounds the current entrance.  Apparently none of the
walls are load-bearing.  This means the window in the picture above would be
removed which would give us more space for the "grand" staircase.

I was not able to find an image of exactly what I'd like for the new entrance, however,
I did find some photographs with elements I am considering.

This photo shows the long foyer like ours would have.

Although this is not technically an enclosed foyer, it has a similar look to what I'd like.
Many windows all along one side, leading to the living areas.

This is a photo of a porch, but again, has the wall of windows
which I look forward to having in the new foyer.

I love the idea of having so many windows overlooking the tropical landscaping.

A hallway leading to the living areas is shown in the photograph.

I wish I could have found a larger version of this photograph. 
This is exactly what the sides of the
foyer would look like with the wall to wall windows on both sides. 

This photo has the door in this same position ours would be.
Just beyond they have a large floor-to-ceiling window in the
same position we would have the side window.  This window would be in the exact
opposite position as the current door.

What do you think?  What would you do?

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