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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today is the Day (I hope)

It's been a while since we've had a short sale update.  We were expecting to have a final answer on July 5th.  Today is August 4th, so I am hoping today or tomorrow we will get our YES!!!! finally. 

In the last month, a third appraisal was done and resubmitted to the lender for approval.  Last we heard it was in QC, and we should have an answer any day.  There is a reason this is taking so long... we were missing the 11 from a date on one of the forms and they sent it back to the negotiator to fill in.  Seriously, if someone could just take the initiative and do those little things on their own, life would be easier and the approval would come faster.

We signed an addendum that we would close by July 31st.  That came and went and they don't seem to be concerned about it. 

I guess they think since we've waited this long (almost 10 months) we aren't going anywhere. 
They are right...

We seriously love this house and can't wait to move in.  We are now contemplating moving in without doing any construction for a while. We will have to do the necessary excavations to find the house underneath the overgrown plants and trees but otherwise we'll hold off on the heavy duty construction, maybe.

We'll see...meanwhile we wait some more!

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