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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

La Cocina

These are the pictures of the current state of the kitchen.  Not bad!  The kitchen is relatively new and in excellent condition...if only I liked it, it would be great!

Initially, unless something changes drastically, I will probably keep the same appliances.  However, I would like to either have the cabinets painted white or have them stained in a dark espresso finish.  I'd also like to change the doors.  I prefer a less ornate design on the door. I like more simple lines. 

I plan to remove the walls to the left of the ovens.  I will remove that yellow wall completely and as much of the other wall (where the brooms are hanging) as possible.  That wall leads to the garage.  I want to make the garage the family room.  It is the ideal location for the family room because it is next to the kitchen and we can open doors directly to the pool area from there.

These are some ideas of designs I like for the kitchen, they are from traditionalhome.com

 I love carrara marble for the countertops.  I've always wanted marble countertops.  The last time I remodeled a kitchen for myself, I wanted marble and was convinced by pessimists not to install it.  I was concerned about how fragile it would be and how easily it would stain and get damaged.
I've lived without it long enough.  I'll be extra careful, but I really need to have it.

 I love the combination of the white cabinets and the carrara marble tops.

I think this look is elegant, clean and bright.  I think it would be ideal for the kitchen of our new casa.
Although I am still considering the dark cabinets, right now I am leaning towards the white.
I also like the extra long top cabinets that rest on the countertops. 
These add drama and extra storage.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fountain

I have not considered installing a fountain at our casa, but after seeing this yard today, I may reconsider.

I couldn't resist sharing these photos.  We had a beautiful day and this is a beautiful garden...an ideal situation.