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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Front

View of the driveway and front of the property
As I've mentioned before, one of the reasons I love this property is the lush, tropical landscape. It appears to grow easily without much care.  However, it does need to be cut back and maintained with periodic trimming.  I am very hands-on when it comes to renovating/rehabilitating properties.  I get very anxious about waiting to see the finished product.  I just want to jump right in and tackle the job immediately (even if I have to do it)!!! I truly enjoy it!  When I go by our new home, I just want to dig in and start trimming the overgrown "jungle".  I picture how beautiful it will be when I finally finish it. 
I have big plans for the area in the picture...
The island seems too large and messy for this property.  I'd like to remove all the shrubs and small plants. I would probably leave a cluster of palms of staggered sizes.  I won't know for sure what I want to do until I start removing plants from the area. 

Possible option for a gate
I  want to reduce the size of the island by making the driveway wider...wide enough for 2 cars side-by-side. I plan to add concrete posts with an  iron gate close to the street.  Giving the property a more grandiose entrance while also making the home more secure,  visible and open.
There are big plans in the works for the driveway as well...I just haven't made up my mind what to do.  Any suggestions?

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