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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Outdoor Living

I posted photos of the Outdoor Living  area of the new casa in a previous entry.  I am very excited about our new backyard. I have many ideas of what I'd like to do there.  I have collected hundreds of photographs and television shows with features I'd like to include in the new yard. 

I love watching the Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie on HGTV.  He did a great job on his backyard.   Here's a link to his own backyard makeover.   He always has innovative ideas for outdoor retreats. 

Jamie Durie's Backyard Makeover

 I want our backyard to be an extension of our house.  I want a lot of "living" to take place out there.  In my house now we spend a lot of time outside.  My children use the yard every day.  We use the yard together on weekends and sometimes weekdays.  I hope to use the new yard even more!

Some of the ideas I hope to incorporate from Jamie's own backyard are:  the daybeds, the outdoor bathroom, the dining area under a "pergola" and the entire concept of bringing the outdoors in, and having everything indoors and outdoors mesh together.

I found other daybeds in photographs online:



I plan to build two day beds like in Jamie's house.  However, I like the addition of the curtains like in the photographs above.  I like incorporating curtains outside, as you can see in photos of my current backyard.
I will not add a table like in the first photo, I will probably just have a mattress in each to encourage relaxation and "hanging out".

I can't wait to see this in the new house...
Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.


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