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Monday, May 2, 2011

My current casa

We purchased the house where we currently live in January, 2004. It was about 1900 sq ft. and was a virgin.  Built in 1962 it had never been touched.  The kitchen was original, the bathrooms were original, everything was ORIGINAL!!!  Over 40 years old and barely had holes where artwork might have hung.  They had so much shag carpeting, it was even in the bathrooms.

Here are some photos I found of the house when we first bought it:
Kitchen and entrance to the garage


Kitchen again

Master Bathroom

We purchased this house in South Florida at a time when home prices were extremely inflated.  As a real estate agent, I couldn't justify spending the amounts of money people wanted for their homes.  We opted for this solution, an estate sale for a very reasonable price and then added 1,400 sq ft of living space in addition to a terrace and pool.  

It took 1 year  and 8 months to complete and be able to move in, and the pool took 1 extra year.

I just showed my children the pictures of the house and they can't believe it's our house.  My children were 1 and 5 when we bought the house and 2 and 6 when we moved in.  There's no way they could remember what the house was like.  But I can tell you, it's come a long way!!!!

I will post after pictures of the completely remodeled house starting tomorrow.

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  1. Interested in seeing the after pictures!!

    Found you through Blogathon 2011.