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Friday, May 6, 2011

My Current Casa, "After" pictures of the Backyard

The backyard in our current casa, is a small  tropical oasis.  We love to spend time outside just hanging out and playing with the children.

 Many palms adorn the yard, including the fishtail palms that line the entire rear fence of the property.  We have a canal behind the property, but its not very pretty and I didn't want my small children and their friends enticed by it, so I covered it with the palms so they wouldn't even know it was back there.

There are many areas to sit and sun bathe, relax or watch the children while they swim or play around the yard.  We made the pool deck wide enough so the children can ride their ride-on toys or bikes and scooters around the pool.  We have a very family-friendly neighborhood, but sometimes we just want to stay home.  I can keep an eye on the children from inside and they can play outside in a safe and comfortable environment.

One of my favorite furniture pieces is this double chaise.  It's very comfortable and the entire family can snuggle up and lounge here.

The second step of the pool was enlarged to four feet wide to allow
comfortable wading for smaller children.  (similar to the depth of a kiddie pool).
In addition, we added a bench that extends from the steps to the end of the pool. 
This bench allows the smaller children more freedom to roam from one end of the pool
to the other without stepping out.

Another nice, shady, comfy lounging area.

Another favorite piece is this iron bench I found at TJ Maxx.  It was a perfect fit. 
All I did was paint it brown.  It's not really super comfortable to sit on, but its cute and I love how it looks.  I struggled to find something for that area for a long time.

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