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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Planning for the Moving and Packing

I am going to start my research for moving companies.  I just received a quote from a company with portable storage containers.  The price for a 12ft container is $143.95 per month plus $109.00 initial delivery fee plus $50.50 transport fee to move it to the new house.  The price for a 16ft container is $183.95 per month plus $109.00 initial delivery and $50.50 transport fee.  I like the idea of packing the container calmly and then moving it when its full.  From my preliminary research, I don't think this is a cost-effective method.

We own a lot of “stuff” so we’ll probable fill a few containers.  I’m not sure if its more efficient and cost effective to move that way or to just put everything in boxes and have a moving company take everything in one day.

My mother-in-law suggested moving room by room to the new house.  She said they did it in Austin when my brother-in-law and his wife moved.  They literally packed up items one room at a time, took them to the new house and set up each room before moving on to the next.
They hired a moving company but just for the big items.  They moved all the little things themselves. 

I think this might work because we can  move things little by little to avoid becoming overwhelmed when we receive the moving truck.  Each room could essentially be organized before the big items arrive.  Moving this way could take a loooong time.  However, we could plan it to coincide with the work being done to the house.

I'm excited about the new house and anxious to start working on all the little and big things we must do to it.  I can't wait to move.  Since I can't move yet and we have to wait, I am using my anxiety for good rather than evil...I'm either "nesting" or in a "cleaning and organizing frenzy."  I'm not sure which it is, but for over two weeks, I've been a bit out of control.  I am losing sleep and actually preferring to organize cabinets and drawers rather than getting my essential hours of sleep every night. 
So far I've organized every cabinet and drawer in my current kitchen.  I've organized part of the laundry room and a large closet.  I've bought many organizational gadgets and am getting very excited about having every part of this house organized.
This is  a drawer in the pantry.  I bought glass and stainless steel
 canisters for all types of sugars and flour.  Believe it or not, I use to
store those  things in the bag they came in inside a Ziploc bag.
That was very messy!
This is a Lazy Susan in a corner cabinet. 
I use it for my appliances.  It was very messy before. 
Now everything has a place flat on the stand.
This is the top half of our pantry.  Before it was hard to see what
we had in there, especially on top.  I purchased shelves and now
we can see everything at once. 

We have five drawers in this kitchen (not including the pantry). 
Two are for pots and pans and the others for silverware, serving pieces
 and the third for the children's plastic cups and plates. 
This is the middle drawer with cooking utensils and miscellaneous gadgets.
I plan to replace the plastic bins with baskets similar to those pictured.

I'm not a neat person...I used to be, but with age I've let the part of my personality virtually disappear.  It is showing up again and I'm welcoming it with open arms.  This will definitely help with the packing I have ahead of me.   It will also make it easy to transport items to the new house. 
In the organizational process, I've set aside quite a few things for my upcoming garage sale.  I will have a garage sale in our current casa before moving to the new casa.  I want to get rid of all the "stuff" we don't need.  I also plan to sell items on Craig's List and EBay.  My main concern is moving everything from the old to the new casa...what would be the best way?

Suggestions?  Comments?  Ideas?  I'm not sure what is the best way to do this.  I'd love to know what you think...

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