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Friday, May 13, 2011

Air Conditioning

Missing a/c unit on right side
One of the things I must do right away before moving into the house is to replace the stolen air conditioning units.  I will make appointments to meet with a/c companies as soon as possible.  I really want to go green with this house. 

 I’d like to purchase solar-powered units or at least have the panels to run all the electrical from solar power. 
I saw these two vendors at  the Miami Beach Home and Remodeling Show so I have a little information.
Solar Air Conditioning... http://www.floridasolarac.com/
Planet Solar, solar installation ... www.planetsolar.com
I would like to know exactly how well these units cool and all the details to make an informed decision.  After all, with temperatures that can exceed 100 degrees in the summer, we can’t have mediocre air conditioning.  We need to have high-quality, efficient, inexpensive units.
I will do my research and let you know the findings and conclusions.  Meanwhile, if any a/c vendors out there would like me to review a product on my blog, let me know.

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