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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Current Casa, "After" pictures of the bathrooms

These are my bathrooms.  We built two brand new and remodeled two.  One of my bathrooms is so messy right now, I am embarrassed to take the pictures and post for the world to see the mess.  Suffice it to say that it is similar to the size of my children's bathroom and for some odd reason (although we have 3 other bathrooms)  everyone uses it.  It is clean but very messy.  I will eventually take pictures and post them.  That bathroom has travertine marble throughout and has a shower similar to the cabana bath.

These are the other three:

This is a cabana bath.  It is new from the construction. 
 It was not one of the remodeled baths.
It has slate tile throughout, the glass vessel sink
and a floating mirror.

The vanity was made from a concrete slab covered with mosaic tile.

The baskets in the picture provide storage for pool towels, extra bathing suits for friends that forget their own and extra tissue paper.

This is my children's bathroom.  We purchased a "Mexican" piece to use as a vanity and had a very difficult time finding a sink that would fit in it.  We opted for a custom made top with ample space.  The piece is not really functional, it is more decorative than anything.  We had a custom mirror made along the entire wall behind the sink. 

This is the bathroom in our home office.  It is very convenient.  We use it as a back-up when guests are over.  It has a river rock trim, french pattern marble tile and a shower to the right (not shown).
The mirror is not built in, its just a hanging mirror I picked up at Marshall's for a decent price.

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