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Saturday, December 10, 2011


I love the holiday season.  Although as a parent of young children it is stressful, we manage and have a great time in the process.
I ordered several craft projects for my daughter during the holiday. 

Our favorite was the wishing ornament.  I ordered it from Oriental Trading.  I don't remember the cost, but the kit includes 6 clear ornaments that open.  It also includes glitter, slips for wishes, bows and bells. It's very cute and we did it as a family.

Each of us got an ornament.You can write as many wishes as you'd like.  The idea is to write your wishes for the next year on the slips and put it in the ornament.  All the ornaments are hung and put away at the end of the season.  The following year, you open your ornament and reflect on whether your wish(es) came true.  Then you do the same thing again.  You write your wishes for the new year.
It's a cute activity and I look forwarding to hearing what my children wished for and whether their wishes came true!

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