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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Floor Plan

I try not to tell my children anything about specific dates or events ahead of time because otherwise they become very excited and a little annoying as they wait with high anticipation for whatever it is they are excited about.  I prefer to keep information to myself and then surprise them on the day of an event or just before.  We were supposed to receive an answer from the bank by July 5th.  Somehow my children found out about that...they were so funny...counting the days, and waiting with such anticipation it was impressive.

They really love this house...my husband really loves this house and I really love this house.  Maybe love is not the right word...we are all very fond of this property and I think the expectations we have of what it will be and the memorable times we hope to have there add fuel to our desire to have it.

Anyway, July 5th came and went and we did not hear anything.  We finally received news that the bank was ordering a third appraisal.  They must prove to other creditors and investors that the value of the house is warranted.

They ordered the appraisal right away and the appraiser went out for the inspection.  Unfortunately the foliage is so overgrown the appraiser couldn't measure the house.  They had to order plans from the city to get the measurements. 

We still don't have a response from the bank but I think it will happen soon...very soon!

On the bright side, I was able to get a copy of the plan.  This makes playing around with my design ideas much easier.
I have several ugly versions that I must clean up and try to make legible before I post. 

Meanwhile, I have a blank copy to share today.


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