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Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Daughter's Event

My daughter received her First Communion on April 28th.  There was a lot going on in our lives during that time, with the two purchases and remodeling of one house.  We made it through and had plans for a beautiful reception.  Some plans worked out, others didn't because it rained all day.  We set up outside because I was in denial and was convinced the day would be beautiful...it didn't happen and we had to scramble and move everything under our covered terrace and inside. 
I don't know how many guests we had in total, but it was over fifty people for sure. 
I'm usually a control-freak when it comes to my events and I get stressed if things are not "perfect".  This was really not "perfect" in my sense of the word because since we had to scramble, everything was just kind of placed wherever without much thought.  Once I knew it couldn't be "perfect" I just let go, relaxed and truly enjoyed!

Even though we had the setbacks with the weather, it turned out to be one of my favorite parties.  I felt blessed and genuinely at peace and happy...it's funny how you never know what little things will make life so special.
My daughter had an amazing day and we will have the beautiful memories forever!

The cake was exquisite.  I loved the delicate flowers! To
 make it a little religious, I just asked them to place a
rosary on the top level.
 I love the cake stand!  I searched high and low for it and finally found it online.
I ordered the cake stand for the Communion but also
mostly to have as a family heirloom for all upcoming special
events in our lives.

Fun dessert table

This tablecloth was my mom's and she used it for most of our special occasions.
I love it and it reminds me of her (although I don't need help to remember her...she passed away
seven years ago and I think about and miss her every day).  I wanted to have her things out
so somehow she would be a part of the day.

We had a chef cooking an authentic Cuban dish (arroz con pollo).  That was my husband's choice for several reasons,
because he is very reasonably priced, serves just-cooked meals at the parties and everyone is always
very pleased with the meals.  He was off to the side cooking under a canopy and I forgot to take a picture of him.
The table above had the leftover arroz con pollo which he left for anyone who wanted seconds, etc.

This table was a big hit! Before the big day, I asked my daughter what she would like us to
serve at her party.  She said she wanted burritos.  After contacting several Mexican
restaurants, we opted for Moe's (fast food SW grill).  They delivered all the ingredients to make
tacos and burritos.  All the guests under 20 loved the idea and went back many, many times for more.

My infamous sangria...I had to make it three times during the party.
  I love the dispenser.  I bought it for my more formal parties and also
hopefully to keep as a family heirloom.

We set up the six tables with six chairs each under the covered terrace. 
I had my silver chargers and wrapped silverware on each table. 
I chose to arrange the tulips haphazardly, because I just love them in their natural state.
Each table had silver-plated picture frames from Dollar Tree with different photos of my daughter.
Everyone loved the idea.

We didn't have enough tables and chairs to seat everyone at the same time, but it was okay because some
people ate inside and others didn't eat at the same time.  The children ate while playing and running around...
it worked out fine.

All in all, a magnificent day that I will remember and cherish always!!!

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